Domain name

Is there any way to get a free domain address?

You can get one from Freenom. Just search for your desired name, followed by the extension at the end, like .ml, .ga, .gq or .cf (note that .tk domains aren’t supported on free hosting to add due to abuse reports, but the rest are fine to add), then click on “Check Availability” and after the Freenom’s system added the domain in your cart, click on “Checkout”, then proceed to put the period of time of durability of the domain, and sign up for a new account or login to an existing one on that platform and fill up all the details. After buying the domain you need to point it to our nameservers, and here are the guides to do that (for the second one you need only the step 0, while following the first one completely):

After changing the nameservers, you need to wait a while, and then after the nameservers changes are propagated you can add your domain on a new account or, if you don’t want to create a new account, in the “Addon Domains” or “Parked Domains” section of the Control Panel of your existing account.


it’s not working! I’m clicking on get this domain and nothing happens

Did you make sure you typed in your desired name followed by the extension, for example, replacing yourdomain with your desired name, and ml with the extension of it, on the text field? I tried it this way and it worked for me and it let me register a new account.


I’m getting this error when registering

Some of your domains could not be registered because of a technical error. These domains have been cancelled:


Then I think you are in an unsupported country or you didn’t follow their Terms and Conditions perfectly. Did you follow their Terms and Conditions, present here? If yes, then I think you are in an unsupported country. Also,


What domain do you try to register?


where are the allowed country list?
cuz I haven’t broken the TOS

If your country is unsupported, it’ll show you error 403.


What domain are you trying to register then?

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What about picking another domain extensions? (or using vpn?)


I will try other domain extensions and I think using VPN is bad :thinking:

I used vpn alot (because of my region filterings) and it only bypasses limits. (and changes ip)




JavaScript with php as lang and jQuery? That isn’t possible, by the way :rofl::rofl:

@anon39645531, seriously, I suggest to remove that lang attribute, because I think it’s not supported on script tags.


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I presses F12 and it opened Inspect element with Umbreon (?) magic.

You know, hackers are going more advanced than that, it’s not hacking, it just lets developers alter stuff temporary :slight_smile:


damn, vpn and other extensions didn’t worked out. it says technical error

then it’s temporary down?