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The domain name for my website only works with the “www.” in front of the name. Without the www you get sent to advertising link. Also as show in the figure above the error “unable to connect to domain name” appears next to the domain name without the “www”. Please advise on how to clear this error.

Hello there,

Your domain without the www prefix does not point to InfinityFree’s servers.

If you’ve just recently set your nameservers then it might take up to 24-48 hours until your domain will fully propagate.


After setting up nameservers and you still have the problem. Add two A record into your DNS management and point it into your domain IP address.

This is for www:

Name: www
Target/Content: your domain ip address

This is for the root domain:

Name: @ (@ means your root domain)
Target/Content: your domain ip address


The thing is that he’s not using an external DNS management tool:

This seems like a problem with the system not being able to properly set an A record.

It seems like the DNS records for your domain were corrupted. Can you please remove the CNAME records for your domain, then remove and re-add the domain from the “Addon Domains” section of the Control Panel and re-add the CNAME records for SSL on your domain? That should fix the issue.


I changed the domain name servers to the following:
I also performed the procedure in Ergastolator1 message. Error message is still there and both web site urls do not work.

The second name server was actually

Hello there! I can see your websites (www & non-www) working pretty well.

I only see websites with no files. Meaning I can see your directory listing.

Try to clear cache or even browsing data to refresh.

Thanks for everyone responses and help.

My website is working again with and without the “www.” in front of the domain name.

Since my last message time seemed to fix the “Unable to connect to domain name” error and it now reads “Free SSL installed successfully”.

Also my website files were not displaying because I guest when I removed my domain in the “Addon Domains” section it moved the htdocs folder into the root folder. A new htdocs folder was created under folder and both folders were empty. Once I copied all my web sites files to the htdocs folder under everything seems to be up and running again. Also removing my domain and adding it again wiped out my website email.

So be sure to have your web site information backup before before following Ergastolator1 advice.

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