Domain name transfered to IF, content uploaded, but no connection to domain

Username (epiz_31348470) or [Website URL] vasilyfedorouk.epizy. com and vasilyfedorouk .com

I believe that my domain name points to IF servers. I also uploaded the site pages using File Manager to my htdocs folder, with my intended home page called:

The IF subdomain site seems to work (the links do not because I had formatted the links within each page to include the domain name). However, the domain name does not appear to be connected to my subdomain account.

This works:
This does not work (IF welcome page is shown):

I hope I am explaining this well since tech talk is not my strongpoint.

What am I doing wrong, please?
Thank you.


If you did not add the new domain as a “Parked Domain”, it will have its own htdocs folder. open the file manager and look for a folder titled “”. If it exists, you need to upload your files to “”


Changing name server is not only make ur site work.
You need to link your domain with IF subdomain!
For that add ur domain in parked domain option using cpanel!


wow, you guys are fast! So, I misunderstood what a parked domain meant, I think. I just tried to add my domain name as a parked one and got this error: is already assigned to an account and in use on another account…

Does that mean that when I did the “Add domain” I screwed up? Do I have to delete the Add domain and then retry the parked domain?

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You can directly host files inside your domain folder as greenreader said.

If u want both domains then u should dlt custom domain and then add as parked

I feel like poo… I do not understand what you both are trying to tell me.
I thought I added vasilyfedorouk. com as an “addon domain” but now I cannot find it to undo it and then try it as a parked domain.

I have gone into the File Manager. the root of the htdocs is for my IF account, not the domain… and I cannot find any folder for the domain name / htdocs.

The error message said that my domain name is already used by someone else, but I think that must be me, no?

Yep! Delete it from the “Addon Domain” section, reload the control panel, then add it to the “Parked Domains” section. Afterwards, you will probably need to clear your cache.


I cannot find any domain name folder.

I do not want TWO domains. I want one. I understand that my domain name needs to connect with the IF account. But I seem to not be able to connect the two. As I said, I cannot list my domain name as a parked domain because I get the error that : is already assigned to an account and in use on another account…

What to do, please?

Delete it from the “Addon Domains” section first. See my above reply.

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I cleared cache (using Edge for this), refreshed my control panel. Clicked on Addon Domains.
What I see is this:
Modify Addon Domain
Addon Domains Document Root Actions /home/vol7_2/

But the only button I can select is to DELETE… which I assume means to delete my account in IF.

I see NO reference to my domain name vasilyfedorouk . com

I also tried to do this in Chrome… same results. I cannot find any reference to my domain name inside my epizy control panel.

Does IF not have any tech support to help this problem? I seem so close to solving this issue. I need the site up before the gallery I applied for tries to have a look at the site. Getting really stressed about this.

It’s a free service, and tech support cost money.

No, that would just delete the domain, but that’s not the domain you want to delete. Open this page here and enter the domain name, it will tell you where it is.

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Thanks. I am happy to pay you for your assistance… ok, so I clicked your link and it seems good news, other than… I still do not know what to do.

The domain is assigned to one of your hosting accounts and is ready to host your website.

Account epiz_31545521
Website Folder htdocs

Cool. $100, Il’l send you my PayPal details :slight_smile:

It looks like this domain has its own account? And you want both domain to share the same files, right?

  1. Open me
  2. Open the control panel
  3. Find “Addon Domains”
  4. Locate your custom domain and click “Delete”
  5. Open the control panel of the account where you were before
  6. Go to “Parked Domains” and add the custom domain
  7. Let me know once you have done that

I had already uploaded the pages to the account and was just waiting for the DNS address to move… the site works

so the problem is still how to accurately get the real domain to point to the IF name.

See my post above

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Wait, how did you do that? On your “Open Me” number 1, I clicked and under Domain and Subdomains, I see vasilyfedorouk. com
I do not remember seeing that there before!

WHAT?? Those are the exact same steps I did before, only now, I see only the vasilyfedorouk. com domain and not the IF one.

but as I tried to add it to parked domain, this time, I got a different error:
Error #93681767457 Please contact support.

Are you sure you are not support for IF? I mean, these are all the steps I did several times already and this time, with
a different outcome… not quite the definition of insanity, is it?

Any ideas of what to do next? Is it a wait to let the delete from Addon sink in?

I just shared with you the exact same link you shared with me :slight_smile:

Because I think you have two different hosting accounts.

You need to add it to your other account.

I am technically support, yes. But I also do it because I love InfinityFree, not because I get paid (I’m a volunteer that helps out whenever I feel like it).

Delete the custom domain using the steps above, then open the control panel of the IF subdoman account and add it there.

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when you say “custom domain” you actually mean my domain name, the one I own regardless of where the account is hosted… correct.

I have no idea how I could have messed this up so royally. Thank you for the help. Chatting with my dad at the moment, so give me a wee bit of time to have a good read on your comments, please.

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Custom domain refers to
IF domain / Subdomain refers to