Domain Name Redirect

Hello, I am hosting my most of the domain names on FreeCluster, But the problem that i am facing is most of the time when someone tries to open my website , My domain name is displaying (/i=1 ) / (/i=2 ) or (/i=3 ) at the end for example if anyone is trying to open a domain , So it will redirect and shows, On which website files are displaying all okay there is no issue with the email or anything, But when ever i try to index my pages or try to make a sitemap with any online tool it only displays 3 URl(s). Like is for sale |, is for sale |, is for sale |,

So i want help in resolving this issue as this can be a barrier for google as well because when ever google bot enters my website it will also track only 3 URL(s) as mention above…

Please help me solve this issue.
Thank you

The i=1 suffix is caused by a bot detection system. It’s a generally harmless system which prevents most bots from reaching your website but doesn’t influence regular visitors.

Your sitemap was probably not generated correctly because the scanning tool was detected to be a bot as well. If you want to generate a sitemap, you could look for a plugin which generates a sitemap for your website instead.

As long as you don’t publish this broken sitemap, Google shouldn’t punish you. Special precautions have been taken to ensure that search engine spiders are not affected by this system so Google will be able to crawl your site like it’s supposed to.