Domain name problem

Hey there I just created my new account here
I did the set up and everything and when I linked my domain is not working
Can anyone tell me the correct way to link my sub domain here to my real domain
I got my domain from namechap but add it to cloud flare

My domain name is and the sub domain is

Please help me to chnage from to Rika

Hi and welcome to the forum

What does the word “Rika” mean?
I assume that something is written wrong and that you mean this “ looks like a fresh template to me,
means something that has just been installed and you haven’t spent much time editing it

  • if that’s true

Then the easiest thing is to install WordPress on
and then edit as you wish

instead of going the more difficult manual route,
like export DB (database) and files from
and then upload them to and import DB…etc.

Later you can always do a redirect (301 with .htaccess or use function located in the Client Area*)
so that when someone visits it automatically takes them to the .com variant

*redirect function from CA

And of course pay special attention to your Cloudflare settings

and read (search) topics on this forum related to WP and Cloudflare
e.g. WordPress and: SSL, certificate, redirection loop (Cloudflare flex, full, full strict, mods), etc.


Yeah sorry It was a mistake

1st thank you so much for pointing that I didn’t know that I watched a tutorial on YouTube but they didn’t mention that
So I don’t have much experience in this but I did what you said and I guess it worked but later I wanted to delete everything and start a fresh one I got so many errors can you help me to reset everything from scratch I want to start over delete the account that I created before and open new one I don’t want to have lots of files that no need and slow my website

I’ll be thankful if you help me in that as well :pray::heart:

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