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I’ve been trying to get cloudflare enabled but cloudflare cant find or register the domain. Also trying to get an ssl. I’m not very experienced with this kind of stuff, so I might need a little extra help. Thanks all!
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CLOUDFLARE ERROR : We were unable to identify as a registered domain. Please ensure you are providing the root domain and not any subdomains (e.g.,, not

Error message is here, I couldn’t find it at the time of my post. Yes this is a cloudflare error, and i know this is infinity free, although the issue with having the domain being registered is something that I’d need help with on infinity free.

Please note that Cloudflare doesn’t work on subdomains


Right, I’ve seen that message come up a bunch. What is the exact definition of a subdomain versus one that would work?


Yeah, I’m not using the sub domain, just the regular full domain.


This is a subdomain(
This is a domain(

THe domain you are using ‘’ is a subdomain

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If you are using a free subdomain, you simply cannot use Cloudflare. If you want to use Cloudflare, you’ll have to get your own domain name.

But that doesn’t need to stop you from getting your website up and running (with SSL!). For the SSL thing, just go to the Free SSL Certificates menu in the client area and follow the instructions there. If you need help completing any of the steps, just come back here and we can help you.


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