Domain name is already added to a hosting account

Hello. I am adding newly registered domain name. Previously I was getting message stating that domain does not point on your nameservers. I have pointed it. And now I get this one:

“domain name is already added to a hosting account on our platform. Please remove your domain name from other free hosting providers and try again.”

Could you please help me with understanding it and adding domain?

Domain name is:

This error message clearly states that your domain is already in use with infinityfree servers. Try checking if you have any account on free hosting where you had your domain added. If yes, then remove it from their and try adding it again on your infinityfree account.

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Thanks, MAHOfficial. Unfortunately this is not the case here as long as I do not have any other hosting accounts and the domain name is completely new and was not used previously. However, thank you very much for suggestion.

There was bad data in our system which caused problems with domains. This has been fixed now, and you should be able to add your domain now.


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