Domain is not yet pointing to and

Where exactly did you try to add this domain? The nameservers are looking good, but I don’t see any existing accounts on your profile to add it to, and I don’t see any failed account creation request for the domain

Also, next time, could you please put the text in the post, rather than taking a screenshot and posting that? It would make it a lot easier for people to help you if they don’t have to scour an image of an email.

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Hi Admin,
Thank you for your response.

This is exactly where I have been trying to add my domain. Please check the below screenshot:

But still I am receiving the same error again and again. Please guide me if I am making any mistake here.

Thank you,

I’m sorry, but can you please write down the exact domain name you’re trying to add? So far, you’ve shared two screenshots with two different domain names. I would like to check some things, but then I will need to know the exact domain name I need to check.

Again, can you please put things like domains and error messages in text rather than screenshots? I really hate having to manually type things from a screenshot, especially when copy-pasting the text is probably easier than taking the screenshot.


Hi Admin,

Sorry for all the inconvenience so far but luckily I was able to resolve my issue.
So nothing to be worry for now.

Thank you once again.

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