Domain Is not Showing in Parked Area

WebSite Name:

**Error #93681767457 Please contact support.

(((<center FORM INPUT class btn btn-primary TYPE=BUTTON’ VALUE=‘Go Back’ ONCLICK=‘history.go(-1)’>Do not include www in your entry .

<cente FORM INPUT class= btn btn-primary TYPE=‘BUTTON’ VALUE=Go Back’ ONCLICK=‘history.go(-1)’>)))))**

I am trying to add my domain in “Parked Domain Management (Aliases)” but is showing the above error and not adding the domain…!!!

I’m using google Chrom and Vista Panal

Please resolve i am stuck since long:

Do not include www in your entry

Did you try to add or


getting Error: Error #93681767457 Please contact support.

Tried to add with both but same error every time.

I checked your account, but there are no domain names on it right now. The “Parked Domains” feature can be used to create an alias for one domain to another domain which is already on the account. So if your account doesn’t have any domains yet, you cannot add any parked domains.

The solution is simple: just add the domain through the Addon Domains instead.


While Adding the domain via Addon Domains Below is the error please please share the TAT.

When it will start reflecting on Parked Domain ?? Name Service Updated…!! is already assigned and in use.3

I’m sorry, but why do you keep focusing so much on the parked domains? There is no difference between an addon domain and a parked domain, except for the website folder they are assigned to.

What exactly do you believe adding your domain as a Parked Domain is necessary for?

The domain is currently in use on Please login to your hosting account at and remove the domain name from there.

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