Domain is down

Hi Admin…

I’m having similar problems. I have two websites, one using and this one seems to be up and running.
However the second one which is using has been down for over 18 hours now!

Is there anything wrong with the byet nameservers??? Have tried to switch to epizy but still it times out…
This website needs to be online urgently, is there a workaround you can suggest for us?

Kindly advise



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The and nameservers adresses all point to the same IP addresses. So under normal circumstances, there is no difference between the two.

So can you please share which website is down so we can look into it? Or at least tell us what you see what you try to visit that website? There are a lot of reasons why a website can appear “down” for you, and knowing what you see would help narrow that down a lot.


No worries…

I had to temporarilly host the code on a different server such that I have uptime. I will revert to your nameservers settings later to check if the service is back up but for now you may close this ticket.

Kindest regards


Hi Admin.

I have now checked again and the service seems to be up and running now. I’ll leave as my primary nameserver in my DNS management console.
Will give you a shout if I face any additional issues

Thanks for the speedy response.

Kind regards,


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