Domain is already in use

Im trying to add my domain but the error “ is already assigned and in use.2” keep showing.
How can i fix this?

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This error appears when the domain you are trying to add is already attached to a different hosting account. It may be attached to an account on Infinity, or on a different provider. You need to remove the domain from your old hosting provider before you can use it here.



Ok, thanks!

I don’t know how to remove because i never did this before, is my first time using a domain and a hosting provide. What can i do now?

I checked the domain name. It is already connected to an InfinityFree hosting account. Go to and check each of your accounts. One of them has this domain connected to it.


I looked up the domain name, and I also see the domain is already in use on an InfinityFree account. Specifically: YOUR InfinityFree account. In the client area, you see an active hosting account. If you login to the control panel of that account and go to Addon Domains, you’ll see the domain is already there!

So you can get started with setting up your website on that domain right away!

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