Domain is already assigned and in use


Error with: Domain is already assigned and in use.

Domain name is:

It is my domain, how can I add it?
Thank you.

  1. Have you used it somewhere else before?
  2. have you registered it yourself by hand?

that domain name is already used.

  1. Nope
  2. Sure

I can see it from the message, that it is in use )
How can I make it free?

I’v changed DNS for epiz, so I guess it should be connectable. Thus the question is how to make it work now.

Thank you!

visit that domain, you’ll clearly see it’s used.

is that what you want?


thanks miss, give me a sec, I will do this steps and get back to you )

you’re welcome.

Please, be so kind to check it )

I’m not a staff, please wait for Admin.

Ahh, so you’ve just decided to help me!
That’s so sweet, thank you for your passion and time =)

Have a great day!

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Have you ever registered your domain to some hosting service like this: Why So Many Other iFastNet? ?
If so,then you already register to same hosting service,eventhough its name isn’t same with InfinityFree.
You must deactivate that account first,so you can register it to InfinityFree.

& I checked that domain nameserver still use Freenom nameserver,not epizy nameserver.

This is what’ve suggested to him (topic above). At some points this domain name is mostly used. which means there’s a high change that someone had registered it before, added to his account. thenit was expired but still assigned to the hosting account.

Thank you for info,
nope, I didn’t.

As ms BayoDino explained I’ve changed DNS settings to prove my rights for this domain that Administrator shall cheсk =)

This domain was not actually hosted on an InfinityFree account, but on another reseller account. But I’ve asked iFastNet, and they have removed the domain from the other account, so you can now add it to an account with us.


Glad to hear it.
Thank you all aaaand stay tune! :smiley:

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