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Hi, i’ve been trying to create a new account for Doamin but turns me to error message " domain is already added" I’m sure i delete the previous Addon domain and deactivated the account, and still not able to create a new account for my domain

I assume you’ve tried a few times to add the domain. This means the domain was probably added, however it takes up to 24-48 hours for domains to start working with InfinityFree websites. It may also be a problem with your domain provider.


As far as I know, you have to wait until the deactive account deleted permanently from the system automatically. Maybe a week or a month.

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I’ve tried many times but not going anywhere, and I don’t think the problem comes from the domain provider orelse otherwise it would be DNS issue.

ohh, that would take very long … I believe 60 days.

I checked the domain, but it doesn’t appear to be in use on our systems. Do you still get this error?


Yes I’m still getting the same error “The domain name is already added to a hosting account on our platform. Please remove your domain name from other free hosting providers and try again"

I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused. Can you please check if it works now?


still is not working and getting the same error. i remember I hosted my domain for a while in 000webhost, would it affect this website?

If you do not remove your domain from their host. It can create this problem. Rather to check your 000webhost account to see if it exists there or not.

also change its nameservers.


You’ll have to remove the 000webhost nameservers and add Infinityfree’s.

Please check if you have other accounts on Infinityfree where you could possibly have added the domain and forgot. Also, delete the domain from 000webhost parked domains.


I deleted the entire website/account in and waited for a couple of days to make sure things should work, unfortunately, still i’m getting the same error.

nameseervers have been changed already before initiating this post :slight_smile:

is there any solutions please?

I’m sorry, but not yet. We’re all stumped as to why the system is returning the error it does. I need to talk with a tech from iFastNet to look into this, but we’ve been unable to find the time.


awaiting your feedback… thank you!

Hi, I check with iFastNet myself and below is their feedback!!

Hi there, is not added to any free hosting account

Please let us know if there is anything further we can do for you.

Best Regards

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Hi there, while trying to resolve the issue with iFastNet, they asked infinityfree to contact them directly in order to troubleshoot the case and resolve it. appreciate your quick response and talk to iFastNet team so case won’t take longer. :slight_smile:

has been there any update?

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