Domain/ hosting not working properly

My domain is - ,

What I’m seeing is:
Now problem is that when im trying to visit my website its not working properly. If i visit with its showing something different layout based of my site and if try to visit with then its redirect correctly but the website doesn’t show icons and doesn’t work the navigation. Although domain opened infinityfree website when visit from mobile. Uncommon behavior don’t know wheres the issue.
Default infinityfree file manager

Additional information:
Just visit with www. And without www. then it will be clear… every files folder uploaded but website is not rearranging, working. In offline from my every browser my website working perfectly

I see the same page on both the www and non-www version of your site. Since you’re using Cloudflare, please try purging Cloudflare’s caches and check your website in private browsing mode to make sure you’re not looking at any bad cache.

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