Domain Expired and Main domain suspended

My website URL:

I have parked a domain in this website ( unfortunately the domain got expired, I have bought another domain and I want to park it again in this site… the problem is whenever I open the main domain of the site, it says suspended domain.

I have tried to backup the files so I can just make another account, but it wont let me.

From this article:

Your domain is your account’s main domain

When your account is created, a “main domain” is automatically generated for it. These main domains are a subdomain of eight random characters, followed by an InfinityFree domain. An example main domain looks like “”.

These main domains will never show your website and always redirect to These main domains are just internal identifiers, and the content shown on it does not reflect the status of your hosting account or the other domains on it. The main domain does point to the IP address of your account (which makes it useful if you want to use your own DNS servers), but never shows any website from your account.

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The domain I added got expired… I have another domain, what can I do?

You need to change the nameservers of your other domain to and, then add it on the “Parked Domains” section of the Control Panel and park it to the expired domain’s folder. After that, if you use WordPress, you may also want to change the URL to point to the other one with phpMyAdmin by following this guide.

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Hi, I did what you said, I’ve parked my new domain to my old domain (that is expired). I am using wordpress so I follow the guide you linked me which, first I went through my wordpress database and change the websites name into my new domain, I also added this commands on wp-config file on my File Manager.


yet, when I open my new domain that is parked on my old expired domain which is It redirects me into suspendeddomain website

For me it now works fine. For you it may be a DNS caching issue, so try to clear your browser and DNS cache, and / or configure a faster DNS like or OpenDNS on your device.

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It is indeed working now, but It redirects me to a 404 page, I tried to view my other files it also redir me into a 404 page, Is this a wordpress issue?

Because you’ve to upload your files into directory, which is belong to your domain.

I noticed you’ve created another htdoces file inside your site root. There’s no WP files.

Also to move your WP to your new domain. move your WP files from htdoces to directory :slight_smile:


Don’t forget to clear your browser cache after that!


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