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I know that it says ‘Please note that it can take up to 72 hours for a new domain name to start working everywhere.’, but usually it goes to a site that has ads and at the top it says the domain name, but for this domain it doesn’t even exist
please help

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Responding to your message, if you have just created the website, wait half an hour for it to load and then it should startup very quickly. It wont exist until Infinityfree has actually went throught the progress of doing it. So like i said just leave it an hour or something for it to load :grinning:


It does work here, you need need to wait (And probably clear your cache)

All of those links do return a 404 error though, so make sure that everything is uploaded.


Oh yeah… I haven’t uploaded the files for those yet
And it works. ok


Hope this helped you! let me just remind anyone else that is going through the same situation. You cant just access the website straight away, leave it half an hour or ever 2 hours. So take this for a think be patient and wait until its done, go play a board game and after you play that it might be done. So all you have to do to fix this, is wait and it doesnt take that long to wait. You cant expect a Free website hosting service to go up straight away, if it was a $50 hosting then yes it might go up straight away, but this hosting is free for all of us to use!

Hope this helped you, and remember be patient! :slight_smile:


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