Domain Change (I already had a custom domain and want to change it again)

I already have a custom domain when I created the site in wordpress (with a .ga extension) but now I want to switch to another custom domain (with a .com extension). How can I do it?

NOTE: 1 - I tried to configure by creating another account within the hosting, and ended up with two accounts and two domains (.ga and .com) but my site is only on the domain .ga; I wanted to know how I delete the second account and how I switch to the new domain…
2 - When I enter the CPanel and go to the Addon Domains or Parked Domains options, to make the change, it says that it is already in use…

I appreciate anyone who can help me solve this


You need to delete domain from the previous hosting account before adding to the current hosting account first


I get it… But when I go to delete the account, still says it is already in use and I can not add a new domain :frowning:

Read carefully, I said


Is there any way for me to just change the current domain to a new domain without this appearing?

Free hosting allows one domain to be hosted on one hosting account only.
If you want to use domain on second hosting account, you would need to remove domain from original account first…


Okay, I get it. But since I would actually like to redo this error, I guess I’m not managing to explain it the right way, sorry… Actually I wanted to delete this second account (which I shouldn’t have created because I didn’t know what I was doing), and leave only the first account… After deleting this second account, then I could go to the parked domains option and add my new domain. And this is the point, even if I delete this second account, it is still there as if it was active, and gives the error that the new domain is already in use in another account; In the picture, this is the account I wanted to delete, because now I know I didn’t need to create it, I just need to know how to remove this account for real

Even if I delete the second account, I go to Parked Domains, and it still shows this

I doubt your account is deleted, as it takes several days for that to happen; what happened most likely is that you deactivated it. You should see a notice similar to this:

Hit “reactivate now” and, after the account is reactivated, remove the domain from your “Addon Domains” section there to be able to add it on the first account.

If you see no such notice and your account is in the “Deleted Accounts” section, which means it was indeed deleted, you’ll have to wait for Admin.


Actually I really wanted to delete it, and I did, so I could use my new .com domain, in the Parked Domains session… But, my question now is, how do I get my site online with the new domain?

Did you delete the domain from the second account? I don’t think so.
Please re-activate the second account, remove the domain before de-activating the second account again. You need to read carefully and follow instructions…

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Yes, I managed to remove it, I went to Addon Domains, and removed it, and then deleted the account, now I managed to put my new domain on the main account where my website is, but now I am trying to transfer my website content to the new domain

Now, on my new domain this page appears (I know this should be something simple to set up, but I am a beginner in this area of website creation hehe)

If you added your domain to the “Parked Accounts” section, then it should already display the same content as your previous website.
If not, and you added it to the “Addon Domains” section, follow the “Moving WordPress” guide mentioned by @KangJL:


Yes, I added it in the Parked Domains section, but it shows this screen that you have in the image that I posted in the previous answer.

Could you give the URLs (both the .ga and the .com domain)?
This guide may also help, since it mentions that you shouldn’t use Parked Domains with WordPress if you haven’t changed the website URL configuration to point to the new site:


Actually, maybe the DNS was not yet propagated on that new domain, now the website content has appeared on the new domain… Thanks for the help guys, I appreciate it. <3

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