Domain attached on one end but not cPanel

epiz_32445476 for domain

Error Message

Not an error message, but domain is not connected, and will not load on any other device except computer. When I try and add it to the ‘Addon Domains’ in the cPanel, it tells me that ‘domain is already assigned and in use.2’ yet it is not working on any device except my computer, nor is it working for my friends (and downdetector says it is down also.)
If it cannot be solved, I want to remove the domain from InfinityFree as it is not showing in cPanel & its glitched significiantly.
Please can I have the domain fully removed from the hosting profile epiz_32445476 as to start again from fresh. Thanks.

@Admin I need administrator help ideally, as seems to be an IF issue.

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 19.41.01

Please do it yourself


It will not let me remove anything. It is removed in cPanel but main website page still thinks it is attatched.

It still thinks the domain is attached and it isnt.


is your account, then login to remove

from your domain


IT IS. What don’t you understand? It needs admin intervention as the main website on infinityfree thinks the domain is still attached whereas the one on cpanel doesnt think its attached. It needs removing by @Admin on the infinityfree site.

Please don’t be impolite, I am trying to achieve help. If I could do it myself I would. This is to get the attention of the Admin as there’s no longer a contact email.

Well, you did not write clearly.
From screenshot

the domain is hosted on another account.
Since you provided wrong info, how can others help you?

Pinging others unnecessary is really annoying. This will put people off.
So please stop that



The domain is connected to the account epiz_32444817, not epiz_32445476. Make sure you are logging into the correct account to remove the domain name.

You can also use the Domain Checker in the client area (Located in the nav bar) to chack if the domain is still connected to your account

Additionally, we do not take manual action to remove domains from accounts unless we can prove you own them. Screenshots are not proof of that.


Yes sorry I meant that first. Its not attached to anything in cPanel and is incredibly glitched, an admin is neccesarry. I was logged into the correct one, worry not, just a typo on my forms listing.

I did not mean to say the one I meant in my form listing, it was a typo. What I am saying is the control panel in the image is saying is attached and its not saying that it is in the ‘Addon domains’ section of cPanel (Control Panel) and when I try and attach it, as it is not attached to any existing site, it tells me ‘ is already assigned and in use.2’ and it is not assigned to anything, on the website’s cPanel. But the page featured in the image (accounts page) says it’s still attached.

I want my domain removing from any website, by an admin, to start fresh and without glitch.

Can you show a screenshot from the domain checker?

Also note that the domain could be in the parked domains section.

it is there in parked domains but not the addon domains, and it is not reachable on any other device than my computer. There is a serious glitch. I am parking it with porkbun until an admin removes it from any existing account so i can freshly start again without any glitch.

how should i prove domain ownership? you want to see my porkbun?

I have deactivated the account so admin can easily remove the domain & account of mine: epiz_32444817

I just want everything to be reset so i can start again. please.

Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 21.00.26

So then you have to remove it from the parked domain section.

Reactivate your account, open the parked domain section, and delete the domain with the button that says “Delete”.

Then the simple way to fix this so-called glitch is to remove the domain from your account (I don’t see any evidence whatsoever to suggest there is something wrong).

Also, Admin does not come online everyday, and he has no obligation to help you. Plus, do you know how he would fix it? He would login to the control panel as you, go to the parked domain section, and click the delete button. He would remove the domain name the exact same way you would.

Also, when you deactivate an account, the system locks the domain name to the account. Even Admin cannot overide this block. Domains can only be removed from an active account.


You’re right, there is.

In summary, there are two databases that contain the list of your domain names. The lists of domains should be identical in both databases, but very rarely an error happens that causes the databases to go out of sync.

The Addon Domains list in the control panel pulls from one database (in which the domain seems to be gone), and the client area and availability checker pull data from the other database (in which the domain seems to be present).

As far as I know, there is no way to fix this yourself. So I’ll send a request to iFastNet to get the domain removed properly so you can add it to your desired account. You should be able to add it within an hour or so.


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