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just registered acoount and pointed to infinity free nameservers, but whe i i add my domain it says domain already in use, cant be added, but i have no other accounts with infinity

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The domain does not seem to point to InfinityFree’s nameservers at the moment.

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i tried to make changes again that is why i changed ns records, i have change my nameservers to now, but the error is same

The selected custom domain is already in use and cannot be added to an account.

Because your nameservers are not set correctly. Your domain is pointing to freewha‘s nameservers, not InfinityFree’s

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I looked up the domain name. It’s currently hosted on an account with ProFreeHost. Since ProFreeHost and we are using the same platform, it’s not possible to host the same domain with them and with us at the same time.

So please go into the ProFreeHost control panel and delete the domain from there so you can host it with us.

And, as with our hosting: deactivating an account simply freezes the account in-place. It doesn’t remove the domain names from it. If you want to move a domain name to another account, you must remove it from the old account first. If the account is already deactivated, please reactivate it first and then remove the domain name.


yes, successfully registered, thanks


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