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My DokuWiki’s self signups are broken. How do I fix this

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When I sign up on my DokuWiki it tells me that it failed to send the email. I think I need to set up some sort of email server but I can’t find how.

Hello. It looks like Dokuwiki uses the PHP mail function which is not supported here. You will need to setup SMTP for your site.

Here is an article for the best SMTP providers: (Please ignore the fact that it is meant for Wordpress users and just skip to the list of providers)

Here is a link for an SMTP plugin for DokuWiki (Untested, it may not work):

Please let me know if you run into trouble!


How do I add DNS records? Freenom does not give me the option due to the custom nameserver set for Infinityfree…

Through the control panel? There are sections for MX Records, CNAME Records and SPF Records.

Not all SMTP providers can be used here because many required DKIM records to be setup, which can’t be done here. But last time I checked SMTP2GO only needs CNAME records and has a free tier.


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