Does this hosting support the 1.0 pterodactyl panel

Hye there! A new (and very angry) user here who has been searching for a site for a certain something.
I want to mess with the 1.0 pterodactyl panel (NOT THE DAEMON OR WINGS).
However, EVERY OTHER HOSTING SITE doesn’t seem to support it!
I decided to fall back to a different site.
Namely, this.
Does this site support the 1.0 pterodactyl panel? Or even 0.7. I really just wanna use this D:

Why not spending some money in budget and buying a VPS for it?

My quick answer would be No (OS, redis,docker,composer, root access)
but you can always wait for an admin who knows more


(Screams in 1.0)

Both are same. But with different versions. Simply buy a VPS for it hense you’ll have lots of features to be installed easily on it. Being angry or having aggressive manner won’t do any F either.


Looking at the docs, it seems to a Laravel app.

You may be able to run it here. But keep in mind the following limitations:

  • Most outgoing ports are firewalled, which may not let you communicate with your game server.
  • We don’t offer command line access / SSH. So installing stuff with Composer or running the php artisan commands is not going to work.
  • We don’t offer Redis databases or a way to run persistent background processes. So the background queue is not going to work.
  • We don’t offer command line cron jobs. So the background scheduler is not going to work.

If you can prepare the app on your own computer and upload it to the server, and can deal with the limitations there, it may work.

But I’m also with @anon19508339: just get a VPS. Most of the restrictions I listed apply to almost all web hosting services, and definitely to all free hosting services. And the documentation is heavily targeted towards running it on a VPS. I can almost guarantee you’ll have a suboptimal experience on a web hosting service.

Alternatively, it may run well enough on an application hosting service like Heroku or Cloudways.


Thanks for answering!
I have a Heroku account, so ill just migrate there.
Maybe if I ever need to host a website, ill come back.
For now, consider me gone.


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