Does mine from you?

One of my sites redirected to recently, and I was interested in viewing the page source (as I always am). So, I opened up the site in Chrome’s page source viewer, and found this:


Isn’t this a cryptocurrency mining script? If it is, this is simply not acceptable. You shouldn’t be mining off of other people. Please, get rid of that script.

Yes, CoinHive is a cryptocurrency mining service which is installed on the parking page.

However, please note the following:

  • It’s a parking page. The miner code is not installed on active websites. Most users who see the parking page leave again very shortly after, so it’s not like the code is leaching on processing power for a long period of time.
  • InfinityFree is a free hosting service. Our services are sponsored by iFastNet, but they spend a lot of money on servers and software to host the sites without users paying for it. So they installed the miner code on the page to try and get something back on their investment.

They could remove the miner code and redirect visitors to other parking pages instead. But if you know what kind of garbage is displayed on your average domain parking service, Coinhive is definitely the lesser evil. Both services take a lot of processing power, but at least Coinhive won’t try to shove malware down your throat.

If you know a better way to pay for the servers, I’m open to suggestions!

Oh, okay. I guess it’s okay for those reasons.