Does smtp mail works? on free hosting?

Im using opencart, how can i use mail function?

May I know how you installed OC?

Opencart is available on softacalous,

mail() doesn’t work, but you can use external SMTP servers


AFAIK it will not work…

Ah, i thought you mean you’ve installed from where.

i did use my smtp setting but i see i didnt work showing error when i tested sending mails. “internal server error”

If you want SMTP, you can use my tutorial on how to setup Yandex, which gives you full domain email + SMTP

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did so made an email id, using my domain but it doesn’t solved my issue, i want to add SMTP mail to my opencart, i added it using yandex but its having the same issue, while sending email "internal server error`

I found some old discussion on the net.

Which also points to this:

And the only Yandex Plugin is not compatible with latest version of WordPress according to one user.

So, my suggestion is: how about using Zoho instead? They develope their own official plugin for WordPress, and it works like charm.

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i think its completly blocked nowadays, so no mail function will work

It actually works, but if it has proper options set.

using open cart, did proper settings but showing internalserver error
while sending mail

Firstly How did you manage to install OC?

Can you give a Screenshot of the SMTP settings?(Without credentials)

Internal Server Error means something has crashed. It could be caused by an SMTP issue, but it could also be caused by broken code, bad configuration or anything else.

Does OpenCart have any debug mode or error logs you can check to see what actually crashed? Or maybe you could try enabling display_errors to learn more?

Like others have said, many people have had problems installing OpenCart here, so I’m quite surprised you have gotten it to work at all. So there is the possibility that one of your workarounds to get OpenCart to work has caused this issue. But I’m grasping at straws here.


It is 100% the fact that opencart requires open_basedir, which is not enabled here.

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Did installed it using the softclus.

Here’s the screenshot for you

Hi admin, I checked error logs but it’s
clear there attaching 2 screenshots
Error log is clear,

When I try to do a test mail ,

The setting here I used is of Gmail after trying that of yandex, but the same issue repeats.