Does InfinityFree (With WordPress) prevent rel="me" from working on sites like Mastodon?


  1. Does InfinityFree do anything behind the scenes that would prevent me from using the rel=“me” attribute to self verify on Mastodon?

  2. Are there any Mastodon users that have been able to self verify via an InfinityFree Wordpress site?

Here is what I’d like to do: Setting up your profile - Mastodon documentation.

They list the following requirements:

  • It is not within an iframe (note that some “block-based” CMS software may wrap block elements within iframes) [Note: I’ve tried this via HTML on Wordpress hosted with InfinityFree. I did exactly what this video did and no luck: I tried on my homepage template, a blog post, and a new, separate page. I’d linked to each of those full URLs on my Mastodon profile so I could have 3 separate “tests”]
  • Since 4.0: the hostname does not change after IDN normalization [Note: I’m unsure about this part?]
  • it starts with HTTPS [Note: I’ve triple checked this at every step I can think of]
  • the resolved page contains at least one a or link tag with a rel="me" [Note: See requirement #1]
  • the href attribute on one of those elements is equal to the URL for your Mastodon profile [Can confirm. I copied this directly from what Mastodon provides to avoid typos]

I’m running Wordpress 6.1.1 on my InfinityFree site. I’ve tried manually making an HTML link for the attribute, and I’ve even tried two different Mastodon verification WP plugins. As Mastodon advised, I’ve saved my Mastodon profile after making this change several times, and I’ve let it sit for several hours, and once overnight, after each change in case it needed time to process.

I got an SSL cert via InfinityFree. On Softaculous and WP Admin, I can see that my personal domain is set to https.

Thanks so much in advance for any info. If anyone is able to successfully self-verify on Mastodon using an InfinityFree-hosted WordPress site, I’d be very relieved to know I’m not just spinning my tires. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Not that I know of.

But if Mastodon needs to check the content of your website, you will probably run into this:


Oof. :sweat:

Thanks, @Greenreader9, for the quick and helpful response. I really appreciate it. I think that section above solves my mystery. I’ve been banging my head on this for 2 days :sweat_smile:. It seemed so straightforward, so I figured something like this might have been happening.

Happy New Year, everyone. :clinking_glasses:

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