Does InfinityFree use Laravel/Passport for SSO to Discourse?

Hi, I had a question. Does InfinityFree use Laravel/Passport for SSO to Discourse?

I know there’s a package also there, just not sure if SSO with Laravel Passport is possible. Integrating Passport into a soon to be open-source hosting application and want to check if it’s compatible. I appreciate your response. Thanks in advance!


Yeah, I think it’s custom SSO login stuff

Discourse uses a custom SSO protocol, no OAuth, so you can’t use Passport even if you wanted to.

The protocol is extremely simple though. The SSO handling is less than 50 lines of code, so there is really no need to pull in any packages for it.


If I made an extension to support Passport OAuth, would that work?

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Why are you asking about that here? InfinityFree doesn’t do any OAuth whatsoever. How would I know if you can make a plugin for one piece of software to integrate with some other OAuth server?

Is it possible? I don’t see why not. Would I recommend it? No, because the Discourse SSO stuff is so simple to use.


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