Does InfinityFree use Blade components?

Hi, I’ve recently started working on a component library for Laravel Blade and I was wondering if InfinityFree uses this functionality.

With permission, I’m happy to link to the component library.

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Hi Supernova3339,

Just curiously asking, Laravel blade components are for front-end rendering from within a site installation, how were you planning to link the “component library”? Do you mean to link up the data and have something like an API instead?



As with 99% of things on free hosting, try it and find out.

Just looking at the docs, I don’t see a reason why it would not work, but I could have missed something.


I was going to provide the link to the github repository.

I am asking if InfinityFree is using this functionality in the client area.

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Oh, I misunderstood your question. As only Admin can answer that, I think we best wait for his reply.


I have started to use Blade Components on a small scale, they are used on a few pages. But that was mostly as an experiment.

To be honest, I don’t like them very much. The amount of mental overhead they create between the HTML that’s generated on the page and what’s in the code just makes them confusing in my opinion. But maybe I’m just not invested enough to fully reap the benefits.

But I see why some people like them. It really lets you bake standardized design decisions into your code, and enforce standard styling for forms, buttons, tables, etc. And it probably helps make it easier if you want to make any larger design changes. It probably also help if you want to migrate to something like React or Livewire (which is fully built around components) down the line.

I don’t have a component library though. I haven’t built one, I don’t use one, and I don’t see the point in making something generic. The point of components is to enforce standardization, which is not a good property of a library.


Thank you for your response!

I can understand the need to not build one. I just wanted to make my conveniences accessible!

May I ask your opinion regarding those two?



Although I’m not sure how useful it is. I haven’t used either to be honest.

I never really got into modern frontend engineering, so all this React, Typescript, Vue and such is all quite foreign to me. So you’ll also find the client area contains very little Javascript besides a few basic libraries and no more than a few dozen lines of jQuery to tie it together. Because when I build something, the more Javascript I add, the more fragile the end result becomes.

Because of this, Livewire has the potential to be a dream come true for me. It lets developers leverage the benefits of a dynamic SPA, without leaving the comfort of Laravel and Blade. At the same time, it seems like there is a lot of “magic” to make it work, so I while I do have it on my list to give it a try, I do wonder how it actually works.


Livewire is similar to react. You’ll love it! You can also list infinityfree on wireinthewild if you do!


I cannot wrap my head around things such as React. I get the appeal to use it for developing SPA websites but it feels too complex and unnecessarily bloated.

And with all these Node.js libraries and frameworks being around which contribute to the node_modules folder single handedly creating a black hole. Needing to compile Typescript when I could write it all in Javascript without waiting for the extra compilation process etc. Which is what makes modern frontend development not to be my cup of tea.

Irrespective all these, Laravel is amazing though. I plan to use it everytime I have an PHP project ahead.


your lucky I know how to use it then :slight_smile:
How else would OpenQuiz exist?


Hi Ziverre,

React and LiveWire are actually fundamentally different. LiveWire will always require server power while react might not always need server effort to update data.

LiveWire basically marks the part where you intend to have updated versions of HTML (or fancy-named blades whatever) to replace whatever is already on your page. The part where they say “intelligently mutates DOM according to the things that changed” is basically comparing 2 DOM trees and updating content and attributes as needed.

React on the other hand has a freak ton of eventlisteners and callback functions to almost everything that you have coded, and whenever something changes and you have used that variable in frontend-visible areas, that component changes display as well. React has a relatively upper hand in terms of programmatic operation flow, but at the expense of SEO, client-side computation resources and bugs, a lot of native react bugs (not on developers fault).

With these in mind, LiveWire is actually the fancier name for XHR + partial PHP rendering, it might be a better solution against bot crawlling in some degree (as data are not returned as json like React), but it’s even easier and faster to have custom XHR and API endpoints that update HTML elements as needed.

Personally I would still code custom JavaScript to handle these real-time on page updates, unless the project specification explicitly requries me to use a certain technology.



Yep me too, I am not a fan of using heavy framework or library when I could achieve quite the same thing with a bit of custom code.
Backend however, Laravel takes care of the routing, security and the “boilerplate” code which not only lets me focus on the goal more, but also does not let the client’s side have to execute all of these things in order to display the page.
This one website that I knew used whopping 85% of CPU on my relatively old PC when switching to a different page. Which is unnecessary.


Simply put, please for the sake of users, don’t replicate the dumb user experience of FB by using a framework published by FB and promoted by FB. It Zucks.


It really does.


It’s still by far the worst and most incompetent user interface I had no choice but to work with especially when dealing with ads due to business needs.


What about discord that transitioned to react native for their mobile apps?

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Hi TiffanyLynch,

I once used Discord very lightly on mobile but it might be before they transitioned to react. However, I won’t be installing discord anymore due to high risk on their application background and untrusted privacy terms.



No wonder it sucks then.
The GUI was better until the summer of last year, now I get crashes and the mobile force stops it due to too much memory consumption, let alone the annoying bugs.

I lost respect in them after they refused to look into the problem that I have been facing since April of this year. The upload API has blacklisted my country (403 error). No matter how many times I explained to them, they told me to contact my ISP provider (The 403 response literally said that the server itself has blocked my location)