Does infinityfree support ukraine and why


Not specifically. I try to keep everything politically neutral.


Why does everyone feel the need to virtue signal? Keeping your politics and business separate is a good idea.


The cancel culture can arrive depending on the audience of a service. Sometimes even “being neutral” is taken too negatively.


I would tell people: “I run a web hosting service, not a news agency”.


I don’t agree with that

At school when some bully tortures other students on a daily basis,
the worst is when other students or the whole society says “I don’t care - I won’t interfere” and just turn their heads

It only encourages the bully to keep doing what he’s doing

So… many of you have the privilege of sitting somewhere far away in peace
and say “I don’t care”
and then tomorrow it will arrive at your door
then someone else will say that it doesn’t concern them and that they don’t want to get involved

there are simply situations when you cannot be neutral
for moral or any other reasons (actually the worst thing is to be neutral)

Call it politics or news - it’s too simplistic! (it’s not something virtual or on TV)

every society is founded on certain moral norms and ethics, laws, etc. and they must be preserved
otherwise, society collapses and disappears.

If one country attacks another, it violates all international agreements, laws, norms, etc…
In addition, putin openly proclaimed the ideology of a return to a “historical Russia” (Soviet Union), which means that a bunch of other countries are threatened.
In addition to 20 million refugees, tragedies, and rising prices of goods and services, in short, whenever there is a war in Europe, it is a global problem. You can’t be neutral.

The question is certainly not appropriate to address to a hosting

but I, as a European and someone who went through the war, cannot forget all the blackmails by russia
and their videos that they showed on TV showing people in the EU freezing and starving because they dared to oppose russia’s ultimatums regarding gas and other things. The EU will not forget that, as well as putin’s lying that it was just a military exercise, then that it was just some special operation, that it was all because of NATO, that it was all because of some nazis in Ukraine, and a bunch of other imaginary reasons.
Actually, he simply meant to conquer Ukraine in 3 days and re-establish himself in russia as a great leader (Napoleon). It bothers him that Ukraine is a developed country compared to russia and that people from russia have such a neighbor, because then people will start asking what kind of leader we have and what his competencies are, in which direction he is leading the country…
So that’s why it’s easiest to point the finger at someone (UA) and blame someone else for everything
and to serve such reasons to its population
and when this is the case, it also strengthens authoritarian regimes
and the oppressive apparatus, because no one there has the right to say anything against the system. and that’s how he or someone else stays in power. And then you gradually get North Korea.
The same as when minorities are to blame for everything - it is always easiest to accuse the weakest for your incompetence.

Even ten years ago, putin/ru started to dismember Ukraine and the world was silent
that’s why we have what we have now because enough was enough !

I repeat - if you remain silent, it only encourages the other side

Or a counter question
if your first neighbor’s house is burning, will you say
I don’t care - what do I have to do with it? ? neutral? news ? politics?

or you will help put out the fire so that your house doesn’t burn down too



i just wan’t peace but anyway support or not support i as my citizien of georgia sended much more healfthul things war isn’t good this is my position


Ah yes, the “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” card.

I will admit that I’m definitely pro-Ukraine, but have chosen not to do anything drastic on the business side with it.

I have tolerated plenty of pro-Ukraine messages on this forum, including moderators taking very clear stances on this. At the same time, I have not done anything drastic like blanket banning everyone with a Russian IP address from using our hosting, or shutting down every website with a .ru domain.

Even when I had to implement checks to avoid sending SSL orders from Russia to GoGetSSL and ZeroSSL because they have banned Russian domains from their service, I still allow them to be used with providers that do support these extensions, such as Let’s Encrypt.

Because although what’s happening in Ukraine is tragic, I don’t feel it’s necessary to punish every Russian individual for the actions of their leaders.


My society was founded on individual liberty and freedom. If people don’t want to do something they don’t have to. Even if everyone else bullies them and tells them they must go along with the group. People have the right to say “NO” and do what they want.


Um, no. I am from the same country you are (US), and I can tell you that is totally not true. Have you seen the news at all?

Just because people have rights does not mean anything to others. Half the time (Probably more then that), people mis-interpret their rights anyways (Or just don’t care about others).


I don’t care what other people say. I’m not going along with communism. :grimacing:

I don’t have to go along with groupthink if I don’t want to.

If you don’t have the right to choose your own path or say no then you don’t really have freedom.


I’m all for freedom but I admit that it is not for everyone, especially when it comes to life changing actions.


" Not specifically. “”“”"

Not in the tone / specificity of cred or weight but as an ex member of the U.S. forces, it’s costing ( which we will never get back) a lot of blood in the way of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ just my opinion, hate commenting on such things and I WHOLEY AGREE with …(( one of the admins) oh try to fly the winds of neutrality. It’s worked for some -PURE EXCELLENCE!

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