Does infinityfree properly handle the compression and expiry?

Hi there I installed Autoptimize By Frank Goossens (futtta) and I want to enable this option; "Save aggregated script/css as static files? "

By default files saved are static css/js, uncheck this option if your webserver doesn’t properly handle the compression and expiry.

So my question is does infinityfree support it properly?
and are there any other settings that my break my website?

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I’m not sure if you really even need that. Is your site noticeably faster after installing it?

.js and .css files are already static files, and while I admittedly don’t know that much about WordPress (So I could be wrong here), I don’t think WordPress dynamically generates JS/CSS files on page render.

Unless you see a noticeable speed increase with the plugin, I would just remove it. Especially on free hosting, less plugins and less themes is almost always better than more.


Yes, our hosting enforces quite aggressive caching and compression by default, so having the files be served directly from disk should be quite helpful.

Probably. But I’ve never used that plugin, so I don’t know which options it has or what they do.

That appears to be a paid plugin, doesn’t it? Are you paying $5 per month to get this plugin? Because for $5 per month, you can also get a premium hosting account at iFastNet, which will help a lot more for the speed and reliability of your website than any plugin could.

And if you’re using a pirated copy: don’t. If you’re asking about settings that will break your website, using outdated, illegal code is a very effective way to break your site.


Hi there so i am using the free version of that plugin it’s just that i linked the pro one. When i meant to link the free one. Thanks for letting me know that your servers support it and use caching and compression.

Also yeah when i used autooptimise with wp fastest cache it made the peformance worse. So I am just using that plugin. That is why i am just using one. So the less the better.

I can’t pay for it, as i lack the money. In my country $5USD is expensive.

I have also thought why not just add a premimum hosting on your oen end instead of having to use Ifastnet. Why not make a $3 plan or a $1, which just gives better speds. It would also help this company make more money.

I have always wondered how this company is profitable. How is it?


While a good idea, it would not be possible as iFastNet controls the hosting. The only way to offer that would be to restrict the free plan even more, which would not exactly be a good marketing point.

Mostly advertising, and affiliate links (like upgrading to iFastNet)


Licensing fees and costs of processing payments makes it infeasible to bill very small amounts frequently. iFastNet has a Lite plan that’s only $20 per year, which I think is about as cheap as you can realistically get. That only ends up being $1.67 per month, after all.


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