Does InfinityFree offer free SSD storage?

Can someone please tell me that Does InfinityFree offer free SSD storage? So I can Convert to it…

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Free SSD storage on this hosting? We don’t offer that, because SSDs are known to have a shorter life span than mechanical hard drives and they have a bigger cost than traditional hard drives. Even if the hard drives are known to be slow sometimes, free HDD storage is a bang for your bucks. If you want SSD storage, upgrade to a premium plan, offered by iFastNet. The cheapest plan you can get is the Starter plan, for $17.99/year.

Are you the owner of infinityfree ?

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Yes, i use this free serrvice from Slovenia 6000kilometers +++ so fare away our home servers speed 200/200 megabit upload download and trust me, thair servers are one of best i try all premim servers in USA and i bougnt here near me Seiss 6gen best servers VPS and i tell you last my oppinion Try Premium Offers , here is all SSD, but try premium and you will see diferences, own Dedicated server or VPS middle capabilityes and LAN conn. speed up/down ask Admins, and try free SSD you can see the diference try other free hosting on shared servers and try infinityfee you will see in my oppinion nobody have servers without SSD disks in those days…

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I believe the free hosting system runs on SSD storage, but I’m not sure. I know the premium hosting systems do, but I’m not sure about free hosting.

But what I can tell you is that the storage type is pretty insignificant for web hosting. With web hosting, there are so many factors which affect site loading speed, like the other hardware specifications (new/fast/powerful CPU and memory), server load, which software is being used, how the software is configured.

Even on VPS I’ve seen cases where good HDDs outperform bad SSDs on all aspects. So in some cases, the “fast SSD storage” argument is just marketing, rather than actual evidence of good performance.

So how do you know which hosting is faster? Just upload your website to it and try it for yourself!


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