Does infinityfree allow php include over http?

I just have a quick question if infinity free allows PHP include over HTTP.

InfinityFree supports PHP/MySQL hosting so I guess the answer is yes

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I don’t think so, when I tried it didn’t work

Read this

This doesn’t answer my question… :confused:

Which part did not work?

<?php include ''; ?>

Every PHP script can only access the files in their own website directory. For security, scripts in one domain on your account cannot access files on another domain.

Read this third example PHP: include - Manual

Is your domain
Unless your domain is, <?php include ''; ?> will not work

Bruh, is an example of any domain.

Being evasive does not help.

Short answer: No.
Long Answer: Enabling include over http is disabled due to the security reasons, if there was no security issues we would enable it.


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