Does Infinity Free free subdomains ranks on Google search?

Hi! Is there any successful website hosted here that still uses Infinity Free free subdomains?

You are the one who will make your website successful. Just make sure you have your website SEO optimized, like metadata for all applicable files, a sitemap, and an ssl/tls certificate. Then you can head over to Google Webmasters (Bing Webmasters and Yandex Webmasters, too!) submit your domain, add your sitemap, wait for it to get indexed, and you’ll be on the road to success. Also, you’ll want to set up different analytics tools, like Google Analytics/Tag Manager, Microsoft Clarity, etc… to count different users, metrics, referrers, and heatmaps.

It is also crucial to tell your friends, aka. to spread the word about your site in as many ways as possible (legally) and then you will get more views, and your site will gain popularity.

Have a great day!


For ranking, it is harder to rank a subdomain, but still possible. It is believed that Google will not only check the subdomain your are adding, but also the contents of the main domain, and other subdomains to see how “trustworthy” your domain is.

Also, free domains and subdomains tend to rank lower (Unless subdomains are paired with a paid main domain) than custom domains.

While is is still totally possible to rank a free subdomain, there will almost certainly be more work involved (Or maybe just more time, it’s hard to say).


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