Does ifast offers ads webscripts?

Similar to
Right now the zionist is on work ruining my activity. displayed a porno to my site, we tested the link to other website just not to accused you, and indeed there is a fucking porn. is guilty did the same,told them to removed my account.

Im craving to know what business is active right now which is not control by zionist.

What’s the exact problem? Your site is redirecting to porn sites? Or just venting with hate speech?


What is your problem ? @xspade

Infinityfree offers adfree websites. You are using pop up ads from and that’s why you were redirected to other sites. Try clearing your site from popup ads codes of and other services to make your site clear and clean.
I won’t recommend the use of popup ads as they play a negative role in your site SEO and rating. Due to them your site can also get blacklisted by social media or even by google.


Ad distribution software is easy (I believe Softaculous contains various ad management scripts). But you also need to either negotiate with advertisers yourself or join an advertiser/publisher network, which iFastNet doesn’t have.

Google AdSense is the best for small to medium sized sites, but they may not like free subdomains (and definitely not free domains).


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