Does allow ssh

I was wondering if allows access to shell, since I cannot fully tell if shell commands are supported. Can someone tell me if ssh is supported on Thanks.
(I already know infinityfree doesn’t)

Ssh is only supported on Business plans of, it costs more than 25$ per month.


Thanks, seems like is leaving out on the necessities for cheap plans. I guess if I upgrade, I guess i’ll have to choose some other hosting service :confused: thanks.

You are getting scammed. The ifastnet url is

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sorry, I thought it was It doesn’t matter, I’m asking the same thing.

If using SSH is a necessity, maybe a VPS is a more attractive option than web hosting? SSH is generaly a tack-on feature for web hosting which is so restricted it’s barely usable.


Ok, I’ll think of that. The reason though is that I need the ssh to at least view errors even if nothing is really available on it.

We don’t record error logs on our servers, so there are no errors to see, even with SSH.

On premium hosting, error logs are recorded, and you can view them through the file manager or over FTP. So no need for SSH there.



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