Does free SSL support open graph from WordPress?

hello admin ,saya punya masalah dengan ssl gratis dari gogetss.
jadi saya menggunakan plugin wp open grapf dari wordpress ,tapi kenapa di postingan facebook gambarnya tidak terbaca muncul pesan error katanya sssl tidak valid ,padahal ssl sudah di cek sangat valid setingan juga sudah valid,kecuali saya hapus domain ssl nya baru itu bisa muncul link gambar di postingan facebook ,apakah ssl gratis dari gogetssl tidak di dukung untuk open graph wordpress???

Hi there and welcome to the forum! Please note that this is an English community forum, and so you must speak in English or at least provide a machine translation of the content. Since you didn’t do all of those, I got Google Translate to translate what you said:

First of all, you can’t install certificate chains on free hosting; even though most browsers accept the certificate without that without problems, some clients won’t detect it, and that’s the case with Facebook’s API. Secondly, Open Graph Protocol won’t work on free hosting because of the security system, explained in detail here. To bypass all of this, you need to use Cloudflare if you can’t afford the money to buy premium hosting, or upgrade to Premium Hosting as the security system will be disabled definitely and there is a Let’s Encrypt SSL auto-installer, but there is also a possibility to install your certificate and certificate chains are supported for installation too.


thanks admin reply is very helpful. . .

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Well, I’m not an admin, I’m just a part of staff team which helps when has time. By the way, you’re welcome.


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