Do not include www in your entry

I own a domain on “” and I’m not able to change the Nameservers to the NS from InfinityFree so I decided to create a new Subdomain (“”) and add it to InfinityFree because on Sub Domains I can change the Nameservers. All set up, I tried to add the Sub Domain to InfinityFree but I always get the error “Do not include www in your entry”. But I have to include www because it’s my subdomain. is same with, that’s why it does not let you to add a domain with www, and also you cannot add the subdomain either if you don’t add the main domain.

I think I managed it now. I just created a new Subdomain on Strato and called it “” and now it worked. Then I created a redirect from “” to my new subdomain and I think this should work now


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