Do I miss something with my DNS settings on Cloudflare?

I don’t know why my website is showing up with I created a domin on freenom and then I created a account for that on cloudflare and I added cloudflare nameservers on freenom so all worked well but then when I created a website on infinityfree I wanted to move my infinityfree website to cloudflare with DNS so I did like this on cloudflare do I did something wrong or missing something.

Please help @admin

Make sure you have waited 24-72 hours for the DNS to Propagate. With Freenom it happens to work fine for me after about 1 hour. There was also a DNS issue not sure if its still going on or not but you can check your website with this site. Website Uptime Test: Check Website Status | Uptrends

For me it’s showing a 525 SSL handshake error now. To fix that, you need to install a SSL certificate on your hosting account, or if you don’t want to do that, change the SSL option to “Flexible” on the “SSL/TLS” page of the Cloudflare dashboard for your domain, then change the website URL (if set on your software) to have HTTP instead of HTTPS with your database’s phpMyAdmin. It may be different, but here’s the guide if you use WordPress:

  1. Go to your Control Panel, then scroll down until you find “MySQL Databases” and click it.
  2. Click on “Admin” near the database you’re going to manage.
  3. Locate a table called wp_options (that name may be different, depending on which table prefix you used during WordPress installation).
  4. Change the siteurl and home values to use HTTP instead of HTTPS (for example, https://yourdomain would become http://yourdomain) and execute the query.
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I didn’t waited I have to do that Thanks for helping

Now I changed that to “Flexible” but I turned on this “Always Use HTTPS” and I don’t use wordpress
I think I just need to wait now it’s showing again with

All the reasons why you may see the page are described in this article:

In your case, the issue is that your domain is currently not assigned to any hosting account. To add your domain to an account, you first need to point it to our nameservers, wait a few hours, and then add it to your account.

After that, you can change it back to Cloudflare. But you must complete this step, or our servers won’t know to load your website.


Ok I will do that you said thanks for helping @Admin

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