Can I use my own DNS? Use only infinityfree.net Space without“ infinityfree.net "DNS.

how to do it?

InfinityFree has a limited DNS support. You can add you site to Cloudflare which will give you a wider range of DNS support.


You mean you can just use it infinityfree.net Does space not use its DNS? Specific how to operate, please say in detail!thanks!

Do you want to use Clouflare with your website? Also, are we talking about http://problem.shnwt.com/in this thread as well?

Yes, you can use your own nameservers if you want, but it’s not formally supported.

Also, to add the domain to your hosting account in the first place, you still need to point it to our nameservers. When the domain is setup, you can move it to your own nameservers.

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ok.but the ip is also change,so it is no good step.

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