DNS setup for a custom domain

I registered a domain from iwantmyname that I’ve been mainly using for emails (hosted on Zoho Mail). Now I would like to create a simple website on Infinity Free using that domain.

I changed the nameservers to ns1.epizy.com and ns2.epizy.com, and that caused my website to appear. However, it also caused my email to stop working. So I reverted the nameservers back to iwantmyname.

Is there a way to keep my domain registrar’s nameservers and still host my website on Infinity Free? In my registrar’s DNS control panel I can add DNS records. I use them for my email host, and I used a CNAME record for an old website I hosted somewhere else. But I’m not sure how to set them up for Infinity Free. Could anyone help?

I’m a complete newb when it comes to DNS.


You need to add A of your domain pointing to the server IP addressed in the client area


You’ll want to setup a couple of DNS records:

  • A DNS record of type A for your base domain. This should point to your Website IP, which you can find in the client area.
  • A DNS record of type CNAME for the www subdomain, pointing to your base domain.
  • If you have any subdomains created through our panel, you’ll also need to setup CNAME records for each of those pointing them to your base domain.

Any existing DNS records for the base domain of type A or AAAA, and any records for the www subdomain or other subdomains you’re hosting with us, should be deleted.


when you say base domain, you mean “@” ?

@ A x.x.x.x(IP)
www CNAME @
subdomain1 CNAME @



I managed to create

  • @ A x.x.x.x

However when I try to create

  • www CNAME @
    I get the following error: “Please enter a valid hostname (IP addresses and paths are unfortunately not allowed)”

Don’t get confused. @ means your domain name. In destination you must copy-paste server IP from your client area. Why are you referring to CNAME records?

Can you share the image of the error with the record.

I did put the IP when creating A entry.

What I’m not sure how to do is the CNAME entry for www subdomain (as Amin mentioned above).

See screenshot. The first 2 CNAME, MX and TXT entries are for my email.

choose A instead of Cname in TYPE

Ok, got it!
Just put the domain name for value

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OK, so this is what I have.

Saved it. Waiting to propagate. Let’s see if it works.

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You should have two A records setup like below.

NAME: IP address from app.infinityfree.net

CONTENT: “www”
NAME: IP address from app.infinityfree.net

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You sure? Admin mentioned in the 4th reply, that www should be CNAME.

I’ll try A and IP address

It should be CNAME unless you want to host something else on www

It can be either or. It does not matter which one you use for the www.

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OK, thanks everyone for their help.

The website works.


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