DNS Setting to get Google Search Console Verification

How to add free website from infinityfree to google search console?
Verification process says : Copy the TXT record below into the DNS configuration for website
Where did I have to paste particular text in DNS Configuration ??
Someone Please help

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use html file and other ways listed below

Thank you so much for your response but I failed to find any html setting for verification as google search console is updated and also as I am using free control panel I can’t find any txt record adding options.
Can you help me in this sir?


InfinityFree doesn’t have TXT DNS records. However, there are other ways to do verification in the console that should work. They are listed at the same link @Oxy already provided: Verify your site ownership - Search Console Help





I am trying html tag method for which I did pasted my code in index.html file but it gives error of ftp permission. I even uploaded my googleverifiation.html file from google but still it doesn’t verify !

Thank you so much sir but still I am facing problem like FTP permission and I did uploaded html file in htdocs folder and root folder but still no verification work as it fails.

Htdocs folder is your root folder
Specify the URL of your property exactly as it appears in the browser bar, including the final / mark


I did but in infinityfree control panel my site that is made from wordpress platform need to be verified but where did I have to upload google html file or where can I find html file to paste google html code ?

Thanks a lot , my verification is done. I did google my website name like it’s yumanadvertisers.ml so I tried searching yuman advertisers but site doesn’t appeared ? Can you explain about it

Three simple words: Search Engine Optimization. Your website needs some keywords to make it visible on the search results. So try with the WordPress Theme Editor to edit the header.php with this tag inside the head tag:

<meta name=keywords content="your keywords here">

where “your keywords here” can be replaced with the comma-separated keywords that your visitors will search to access the website.
However, sometimes free domains are abused and badly valued on search results, so your site may get better valued if you install HTTPS and have a TLD like ergastolator.website that you may get with a different price; it depends on where you are going to register your domain (for example I paid on NameCheap €1.49 the first year for my domain).


Thanks buddy it helped a lot. I got only theoretical knowledge in programming but it’s first time to do practical XD that’s why getting lot’s of problem. Your advice mean a lot to me , thanks again.

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