DNS service (TXT)

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to kindly request free DNS service for my website/domain due to budget constraints. I greatly appreciate your consideration and would be happy to provide promotional support in return.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

It depends…what is the domain?


Not possible for free subdomains


No I need it for verification

Well, get your own custom domain


I don’t have I need DNS zone option in my control panel

That I can and other people with same problem can put any kind of DNS record

On free hosting, you’re only limited to setting up CNAME, MX and SPF records (the latter ones are still TXT records, but with a different structure so you can’t set up normal TXT records, or you can only set up some of them) if you use a free subdomain. What service are you trying to use that requires TXT verification so I can help you further?


Full DNS control is not available with free hosting. We provide CNAME record support, and support for MX and TXT records (through the SPF records menu) on the domains of websites we host (so if you’re hosting example.com with us, you can setup MX and TXT on example.com, but not on sub.example.com). That’s all we have right now on free hosting.

If you have your own domain, you can use a third party DNS service to get full DNS control, although then you’re responsible for making sure all the DNS records are correct.

Premium hosting does provide full DNS control, and you can also have your subdomains migrated there.

I can understand that your budget may not allow for premium hosting or buying your own domain name. But please understand that if you require features but are not willing/able to pay for them doesn’t mean we have to give them to you for free. If your budget does not allow for the things you want, you either need to increase your budget or reduce your demands.


Zoho Mail for verification

Oh, guess I’ll have to agree to what Admin said then.


Now how can a verify txt record in Zoho Mail

You need a custom domain in the first place


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