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Error Message

The DNS has stopped resolving. The site is not reachable. It was working all fine last week. I have not made any changes and checked that I have the correct nameservers.

ping: cannot resolve ephotoart.com.au: Unknown host

Did you “accidentally” change nameservers?

Now seems to be doing dns propagation…

I removed and added the nameserver again today. This has not been working for a week.

I think the DNS propagation has been showing the same status since last week.

You gotta wait then…

I can check the status after 24 hours but I don’t think this would fix itself.

Nameservers may take up 24h-48h to change…

I do understand that but reiterating to the original problem: The DNS stopped resolving all of a sudden last week. I will wait for 48 hours even but don’t think propagation is happening. I feel something worse has happened.

You need to check with the domain registrar.
Something is wrong.

Can you screenshot nameserver setting on your registrar?

It does appear that the DNS records for your domain name have gotten lost in our nameservers.

Did you run our Cloudflare integration before? If so, note that it has the tendency to do this. If so, you can just re-enable and then disable the Cloudflare integration to restore your DNS records.

Alternatively, you can remove the domain name from the account and then add it again.


You are right on that. I did enable and then later disable Cloudflare. I have re-added the domain name from the account. I will wait for it to hopefully propagate.

I tried to remove and add the domain name again from the infinityfree control panel but it was always adding to a new sub directory.
My Issue is resolved after deleting the site and adding it again.


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