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Os dns fornecidos pela plataforma, estão sendo recusados pela plataforma de onde eu comprei meu domínio.

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Likely due to this:


Me pediram para entrar em contato com vocês.

I’m having problems with my .com.br domain I wanted to know if I buy a .com domain would it solve the refusal?

As you can see from the article, these are the extensions which are known to have this issue at the moment:

As far as I’m aware there are no such checks enforced for .com, so as long as the registrar doesn’t enforce them, you should be good.


I bought a .com domain
however, it still doesn’t work. is giving the same refusal. why is it so complicated?

Can you share the domain name here?


Well, it could be your registrar enforcing dns zoning rules, causing this issue


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