Dns records

I created cloudflare account for free ssl certificate but it show me that they cannot scan my website DNS record. I have free hosting at Infinity free

What,s your domain name?
Also please remember that you should still use InfinityFree’s nameserver before adding your domain to Cloudflare. Once Cloudflare ask you to change your nameserver then it is the time where you will need to change your ns to cloudflare.

My domain is webtour.ml.
I was using nameservers provided by infinity free and changed them later only.
It shows the status to be active on cloudflare but neither website is not working nor ssl.

There are no DNS records for your domain. If Cloudflare couldn’t fetch the automagically, you will need to configure them yourself. If you don’t know how to configure DNS records yourself, please switch back to our nameservers so we can manage them for you.

I switched back yesterday to infinity free nameservers. Please tell when will my domain dns record will become available

Any DNS change can take up to 72 hours to work everyone (but usually less) due to DNS propagation. Just have patience and your website will come back on it’s own.

Ok Thanks

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