DNS RECORDS won't work

I tried to verify my website to the Google search console …but I won’t work it says illegal destination

Please screenshot the page before the error, with your information entered. This article may help you (Start at the section titled " Where can I configure my CNAME records?"):


am trying to verify my domain on the google search console but an error just appears to me (illegal destination)

I’m sorry, but what are you trying to set up where? What are you doing in the control panel that is generating this error?

There is no option “add to Google Search Console” in the control panel, so what option do you use?


We already know that. What exactly are you entering into the control panel? What records?


Record name: TXT Destination: the GSC code (google-site-verification=…)

Well, TXT and CNAME are completly different. No wonder it’s not working. If you have a TXT record, you need to use the SPF spot, not the CNAME spot. It’s thowing that because google-site... is not a destination, and that is what CNAME records require.


thank you

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