DNS Records - Target Unknow

My website - overidecreations.com
(Wordpress website, No ssl at present, that’s the next step)

Problem One

There is no IP on the main page of Infinityfree and under DNS records - Target unknown.

Problem Two

I am trying to use Cloudflare free version which provides the SSL Certificate.

I have gone through the Guide on the website to link both Infinityfree and Cloudflare.

After doing all the steps as per the video tutorial,

First, add domain to Cloudflare, which then searches all DNS records, from there I am to delete CNAME, go to SSL and choose flexi and change nameservers to Cloudflare with my domain supplier.

All done, website even went to the point I can see my test page with SSL, padlock synoml saying it’s secure.

But, the problem starts, I can not access my wordpress admin page (/wp-admin).

It dies.

So I have to restart everything, cancel all steps , undo and get back to first setting of infinifree, no linking to Cloudflare…and everything including wp-admin page works… but now with no SSL and non secure error on http and https

Please advice

Cloudflare page DNS records detials

There was an issue with the client area where it was unable to read DNS info from the free hosting servers. That has been fixed now, so the website IP should now be available in the client area.


Thank you for the information.

Yes, now I can see the IP address in both front page and DNS records page.

Regarding the second issue,

I solved it my self, the problem was Cloudflare Flexi option is causing the issue as per guide, mine worked with Full option, and now everything is working properly.

I even got the Google trust SSL working .


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