DNS records reset (?)

My website URL is:


What I’m seeing is:

Blank white screen both on the homepage and wordpress/Joomla admin pages.
On browser it redirects me to vardagstod.se/?z showing a blank white screen.
If I delete my domain and add again, it helps, but overnight the same thing happens again.

I’m using this software:

Joomla, but the problem is the same with Wordpress.

Additional information:

I use SSL from PositiveSSL, but overnight it changes back to Cloudflare’s SSL, though I already disabled Cloudflare.
I use unique MX records for Zoho Mail.

For me it works. You need to lear your DNS cache to fix it.

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Now it happened again.
It worked for you, because I deleted and re-added my domain, but it has crashed again. If you see the site now, it won’t work.
I did NOT make any changes since my first post.

but it works again?:thinking:

Sorry, I wasn’t too clear. :sweat_smile:
I meant that the site currently is down.
When I made the first post, THEN it worked, because I re-added my domain, but I can’t do it in every two hours, that’s why I need a permanent solution.

The DNS tip worked out, I feel such a lame for not to think on it. :sweat_smile:
Thank you very much!

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