Dns record not found

Admin: epiz_27123357 on http://www.milesmorales.xyz

I am facing 2 issues

Error establishing database connection (maybe there is a problem in ip address)
Dns record not found

What am I doing wrong
(other information and details relevant to your question)
I have already updated DB username and password in wp-config.php

Can you show us the wp-config file(Make sure to censor the password)

Did you change the password through cPanel(cpanel.epizy.com)?


NEVER EVER change your password in cpanel.epizy.com,
Now again change the password in Client Area(app.infinityfree.net) and the passwords shd sync.
Now copy the details(SQL DETAILS) from client area and edit it accordingly


Yes i changed as directed used vpanel password.
Should i share the file here? less password and secret keys

Never share your passwords,
Did you change the password at app.infinityfree.net or at vpanel.
If at vpanel again change your password at app.infinityfree.net

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To edit username and password on migrated wordpress i had to create a new database. I editied wp-config.php file accordingly. New DB name was added

what address is required to be added here?

define( ‘DB_HOST’, ‘’ );

I have added the above-mentioned ip address. May be there is some problem due to this or do i have to put localhost here?

You will have to put the database host from the “MySQL Databases” section of the Control Panel as database host, and not your hosting account’s IP address! Also, since you already set up our nameservers on your domain, there is no need to add an A record with the hosting account’s IP on your DNS management panel.


you mean this value?



Unable to open wp-admin area and internal links are redirecting to https now

One method is to add a new https CNAME at registrar, will it resolve the issue?

Still stuck up need help here

Now I am not getting Error Establishing database connection error on wp-admin page. But unable to load any page as all are redirected to https. I have tried to Getssl but still no solution.
I am getting DNS Record not found error here at: milesmorales.xyz Domain Health

Your database settings and SSL settings look OK as far as I can see. What exactly do you need help with right now?

MXtoolbox says that a lot of things are wrong with your DNS, yes. But those are all settings related to email, and we don’t provide email. If you find an email provider and set up their systems on your domain, many of those errors will disappear.

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