DNS problem

My website URL is: http://redoxsignalingsupplement.info

What I’m seeing is:

DNS still not sorted after 3 days, what can I do? Only shows http://redoxsignalingsupplement.info/?z, and blank on the page, no error message. Usually, when DNS is propagated, it shows InfinityFree’s page.

I have put in ns1.freecluster.eu, ns2.freecluster.eu for name server. Is it the correct one to use? I have not yet work on the website, so pretty much only wanting to point the domain name to InfinityFree from NameSilo.

Just remove and add the domain again on an account and wait 24 hours.
However, freecluster, epizy and byet nameservers are the same.

how to remove the domain name?

Go to the Addon Domains section of the Control Panel and then click on “Delete” next to the domain name you want to delete. After that, on the text field, type your domain name without www and add it.

The domain redoxsignalingsupplement.info is currently not assigned to any hosting account. Adding the domain to a hosting account (as an addon domain or parked domain, or by creating a new account) should allow it to come online.

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