While I am trying to access the website getting this problem DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE

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Did you recently create your InfinityFree account? Your domain nameservers seem to be still propagating. Please try visiting the website again after ~24-48 hrs. Status:


Seems like the DNS servers they use for the nameservers are down. We have to wait until it’ll be solved. If you had Cloudflare on that domain it’ll still work as usual, as Cloudflare’s DNS servers for their nameservers are OK.

@jaikrishna.t It’s a problem with the DNS servers iFastNet uses for their nameservers, as they don’t get any reply whatsoever. I also checked with DIG for that domain and got this:

So the nameservers are set, but they don’t reply at all! But they seem like they only reply sometimes to DNS queries, as the other website I checked worked fine because my DNS servers cached the query.


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Works for me


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