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Hi there , has been more then 48 Hours and my website is not showing up.
I have got htdocs folder with the index.htlm file in it, but It is not working.

Thank you


Your domain does not appear to be connected to an account. Please check the “Addon domains” section in the control panel. If it is already there, remove it and add it back in again (If you do this, you will have to move your files from htdocs to rejoin.pro/htdocs


My domain was there. I just delete it and added it again. I even moved the htdocs to the folder rejoin.pro. I supposed should i wait few days to see the website live , right?

It is in the system correctly now, so it should start working for you soon.

It’s already working for me:

If you use a different network (Like your phone cellular plan), it may be working there already.


Thank you a lot.

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